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Glendale’s Best Choice for Commercial Tenant Improvement Construction

Being a commercial landlord is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Managing capital flow, making sure all the bills are paid on time, and the constant stress of acquiring good tenants—it’s not an easy job by any means. And then there are the dreaded commercial tenant improvement clauses in the lease.

Turnkey commercial real estate is a fine art. Everything has to be exactly as the tenant specifies and everything has to be in budget or else you’re out of pocket. With the average cost to build out office space usually ballooning from initial estimates, it’s enough to give anyone a headache.

If you’re a commercial landlord operating in Glendale, we feel your pain. But we want you to know there’s no reason to deal with unscrupulous construction contractors ever again. When you have commercial tenant improvement obligations to fulfill, trust in a family-run business that’s been operating for over 25 years.

Adams Quality Construction LLC is a company that prides itself in our work ethic above all else. We always get the job done to our client’s specification. And why wouldn’t we? We believe in developing.

The Average Office Interior Design Cost per Square Foot in Glendale

In our years of experience, we’ve seen that the cost to build out office space varies widely from job to job. Sometimes things don’t go according to schedule. But for the most part, by pairing with experienced construction contractors, you’ll have plans in place to deal with any problems, before they start.

If you’re looking for the average interior design cost per square foot, consider the work your property requires. Shell properties are likely to run as much as $150 to $200 per square foot. But the sort of standard office fit out that most turnkey commercial real estate is based on usually costs between $60 and $110 per square foot. That’s to transform an old office into the workspace of your client’s dreams!

A Short List of Services We Provide

For Adams Quality Construction LLC, no job is too big or small. We’ve been providing the best commercial construction to clients since 1991 and through two generations of family values.

Here are just a few of the services we’re able to provide our clients looking for help with office fit outs:

  • Demolition or removal of existing walls or offices
  • Sheet rock installation
  • Painting and other cosmetic improvements
  • Blind installation
  • Flooring installation, finishing and repair (tile, vinyl, stone or wood)
  • HVAC improvements

If we can’t do it, we work with trusted partners in the area. At Adams Quality Construction LLC, we pride ourselves on our communication skills, and will always keep you in the loop.

Why make your job any harder than it needs to be? Rest easy knowing that we take care of all the work and will not rest until you are satisfied. We believe that the best referral is a happy customer—it’s been our guiding principle for over 25 years. Let us show you our dedication today!